• elvis costello şarkısı... pek de hoş bi şarkı... sözleri de şu şekil;

    well, it's so funny to be seein ya after so long girl
    by the way look, i understand
    that you are not impressed
    i heard you let that little friend of mine
    take off your party dress

    i'm not gonna get too sentimental
    like those other sticky valentines
    cuz i don't know if you were lovin somebody
    i only hope it wasn't mine

    i know this world is killin you
    oh, alison
    my aim is true

    well i see ya got a husband now
    but did you leave your pretty fingers
    lying in the wedding cake

    you used to hold him right in your hand
    but it took all he could take

    sometimes i wish that i could stop you from talkin
    when i hear the silly things you say
    i think somebody better put out the big light
    cuz i can't stand to see you this way
  • (bkz: alison hell)
  • gelmiş geçmiş en düşsü, en bulunmaz shoegaze nesnesi. slowdive'dan.
  • metroland soundtrackinde dinledikten sonra "bu adam buyukmus hakkaten" dedigim elvis costello sarkisi. askta uzaktan bakma sendromunun soundtrack'i olsa gerek. sarki my aim is truediye biter ki bu da costello albumudur.
  • deseler ki "which slowdive song are you?" hemen diyeceğim alison. en sevdiğim değildir; ama, zaten en çok kendini seven biri de değilim.
  • slowdive'ınkinin sozleri asagidaki gibidir ;

    listen close and dont be stoned
    i'll be here in the morning
    cause i'm just floating

    while your cigarette still burns
    your messed up world will thrill me
    alison i'm lost

    alison i said we're sinking
    there's nothing here but thats okay
    outside your room your sisters spinning
    but she laughs and tells me shes just fine
    i guess shes out there somewhere

    and the sailors they strike poses
    the covered walls answer slowly
    with your talking and your pills
    your messed up life still thrills me
    alison i'm lost

    alison i'll drink your wine
    i'll wear your clothes when we're both high
    alison i said were sinking
    but she laughs and tells me its just fine
    i guess shes out there somewhere
  • brandon boyd'un en sevdigi sarki... (bkz: incubus)
  • john fowles in büyücü isimli kitabındaki karakter. 2. başrol oyuncusu...
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