• wake up! albümünden bir the boo radleys şarkısı. eğlenceli. sözleri de şöyle;

    i was sitting with the band
    a drink in each hand
    there wasn't much to say

    he asked me for my name
    said he was glad he came
    he wished that he could stay

    i said the only thing i've got more of is time
    this isn't what you think,
    and it's not what i thought
    it would be

    you've got a lonely face, do you want my place
    where there are all the answers
    do you wanna join the race,
    can you keep the pace
    or stay and take your chances

    i was sleeping on my couch
    i was really out
    i didn't hear you leave

    they asked me for some words
    to clear up all their hurts
    they wished that they weren't them
    the world is at your feet
    try and make something happen
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