• amsterdam'da "jordaan" districtinde guzel bir coffeeshop. amerikanlar i$letiyorlar o yuzden ounce ile satiyorlar..
  • bir will self kitabi.
  • bir sean hughes kitabi.
  • iain m banks in excession adlı kitabında bir gcu ismi. insanların zihinlerini izinsiz olarak okuduğu için arkadaşları tarafından "meatfucker" olarak da tanınır.

    örnek olarak:

    and now he could feel something inside his head.

    whatever it was inside his head got him to close his eyes.

    ~ at last, it said. it was a deep, deliberately authoritative voice, its pronunciation almost too perfect.

    at last? he thought. (what was this?)

    ~ i have the truth.

    what truth? (who was this?)

    ~ of what you did. your people.


    ~ the evidence was everywhere; across the desert, caked in loam, lodged in plants, sunk to the bottom of lakes, and there in the cultural record too; the sudden vanishings of art works, changes in architecture and agriculture. there were a few hidden records - books, photographs, sound recordings, indices, which contradicted the re-written histories - but they still didn't directly explain why so many people, so many peoples seemed to vanish so suddenly, without any sign of assimilation.

    what are you talking about? (what was this in his head?)

    ~ you would not believe what i am, commandant, but what i am talking about is a thing called genocide, and the proof thereof.

    we did what had to be done!

    ~ thank you, we've just been through all that. your self-justifications have been noted.

    i believed in what i did!

    ~ i know. you had the residual decency to question it occasion­ally, but in the end you did indeed believe in what you were doing. that is not an excuse, but it is a point.

    who are you? what gives you the right to crawl inside my brains?

    ~ my name would be something like grey area in your language. what gives me the right to crawl inside your brains, as you put it, is the same thing that gave you the right to do what you did to those you murdered; power. superior power. vastly superior power, in my case. however, i have been called away and i have to leave you now, but i shall return in a few months and i'll be continuing my investigations then. there are still enough of you left to construct a more… triangulated case.
  • amsterdam da turist etkisinin en az hissedildigi coffee shoptur. sahipleri biraz ukala olsada , disarda başlayan kuyruktan direk ayırt edilir. amerikalılar genelde ounce un gözüne gözüne vurur burda. sanat gibi körüklüyor adiler :)
  • 94 doğumlu ingiliz bir siyahi kadının (bkz: little simz) 2019 çıkışlı muazzam bir albümü. (bkz: selfish) ve (bkz: wounds) kişisel favorilerim.
  • little simz’in son albümü. kalite akar albümün paçalarından.
  • hayvan gibi güzel olan puscifer şarkısı.
  • ayı gibi puscifer şarkısı.
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