• populer bir megadeth parcasi..
  • brother will kill brother
    spilling blood across the land
    killing for religion
    i dont understand
  • rust in peace in ilk parcasidir. ve,

    ask the sheep for their beliefs diyerekten muslumanlarin kurban olayina bir gonderme yapar.
  • blind guardian'in da ismi buna benzer bir sarkisi vardir..

    i am god
    the only one
    i will bring back freedom to your heart
    you won't believe
    that blind can see
    no one else before me ever knew
    the way to paradise
    for another bloody crime
    i shall return

    i am your light on through the night

    why am i born
    will i fail to rise again
    another crucifixion for
    another holy war
    can't stop what's going on

    sooner or later you must understand
    my words bring freedom
    and rescue for man
    what else, to call me your messiah
    oh, i wish there could be another way
    cross and nails are already prepared
    my sell out
    waits till i'm crucified
    i will die before my vision ends


    wait for the dawn
    to take me away
    what will be if i fail
    another golden calve
    never, never ending
    pain and agony
    hit me, nail me make me god
  • kesinlikle megadeth in en iyi parcasi bence.en güzel değil ama en iyi.dinlenmediğinde özlenen şarkılardan biri.riff kesinlikle süper.
  • kardeş öldürecek kardeşi
    dökülen kan tüm ülkede
    din için öldürmek anlamadıgım birşey..
    güzel şarkı yalnız upon my podium as the know it all scholar kısmından sonrasının yazılmasına gerek yokmush sankı.kendı fıkrım
  • dünkü megadeth konseri nin son parcasi. canli dinledim bu parcayi ölmeden, artik gam yemem.
  • holy wars ve the punishment due isimli iki birle$ik parcanin populer adi.
  • brother will kill brother
    spilling blood across the land
    killing for religion
    something i don't understand

    fools like me, who cross the sea
    and come to foreign lands
    ask the sheep, for their beliefs
    do you kill on god's command?

    a country that's divided
    surely will not stand
    my past erased, no more disgrace
    no foolish naive stand

    the end is near, it's crystal clear
    part of the master plan
    don't look now to israel
    it might be in your homelands

    holy wars

    upon my podium, as the
    know it all scholar
    down in my seat of judgement
    gavel's bang, uphold the law
    up on my soapbox, a leader
    out to change the world
    down in my pulpit as the holier
    than-thou-could-be-messenger of god

    wage the war on organized crime
    sneak attacks, repel down the rocks
    behind the lines
    some people risk to employ me
    some people live to destroy me
    either way they die.

    they killed my wife, and my baby
    with hopes to enslave me
    first mistake...last mistake!
    paid by the alliance, to slay all the giants
    next mistake...no more mistakes!

    fill the cracks in, with judicial granite
    because i don't say it, don't mean i ain't
    next thing you know, they'll take my thoughts away
    i know what i said, now i must scream of the overdose
    and the lack of mercy killings.
  • oldukça brutal bir klibi olan bir parça.
    hatta welcome to the jungleı görmüş olmasam en çok şiddet sahnesinin yer aldığı video bile diyebilirdim.
    from the cradle to enslave mi?
    hayır efendim, ben gerçek şiddetten söz ediyorum, 10-12 yaş grubuna yönelik hazırlanmış mavallardan değil.
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